Citronella is mainly used as a natural insect repellent in a diffuser. Size 1 oz  

"100 % pure essential oils" Essential oils have been used worldwide for thousands of years. We do our best to source the purest highest quality. We sell the 1oz sizes which have up to 600 drops in each bottle. This is a fairly large size compared to what you would normally find in a store (1/2 oz and 1/3 oz in stores). Enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils in your home, office or car!  


Not the sexiest scent but one of the most popular natural decongestant ! Known in folk medicine to strengthen the immune system. Some people use a few drops on their pillow to improve sleep. Great deodorizer too!


Lemon oil is uplifting, awakening and focusing! Our Lemon is from Sicily. This fresh inspiring scent will awaken your senses. Best used during the day and not at night time! Size 1oz


Lemongrass is one of the most popular oils worldwide. Uplifting and balancing. We love to use a few drops in our cars to deodorize and keep us alert! Size 1oz


Peppermint re-distilled from England. Highest grade. Used in folk medicine for headaches and improving circulation. Great deodorizer and not liked by most insects! Size 1oz


Rosemary essential oil has long been used in folk medicine to quiet and focus the mind. Used to enhance brain function for many people. The scent is calming, focussing and inspiring. Rosemary from Spain is considered the best quality. 1 oz


Great scent to wake up the senses. Great deodorizer used in many diffusers. This scent is considered uplifting and energizing. Size 1oz


French Lavender essential oil (High altitude French Lavandula angustifolia) steam distilled 100% pure essential oil. Available sizes:  1oz; 1.7 oz ; 4oz; 16oz and 32oz.