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Made with pure therapeutic grade French Lavender oil

Coming soon.....Evergreen Spray

Energizing scent of freshly cut evergreens! Uplifting, like a walk in the northern alpine forests. Made with only natural essential oils. Make your whole house smell like a freshly cut Christmas tree!


Uplifting and decongesting pure Eucalyptus oil. Use in a sauna, on your pillow, refresh your car home or office. Used in folk medicine to strengthen the immune system and breathe better. 1 oz  

Relaxation and skin health with exclusive French Lavender!

Purchase for $45 or more and get a free 1/2 oz Face Oil (Value $30) Till June 15th!


Free Travel Kit with $50 purchase & free shipping till Tuesday dec 18th.

Get an extra free Hand repair cream if you spend $75 or more!


The pleasures of giving!

Give the gift of relaxation and healthy skin!


$100 (VALUE $129) . Free Shipping and comes in a gift box. Includes Lavender body lotion, Lavender Face mist, Lavender Linen Mist, Lavender 10 oz candle, Lavender Body Scrub, Lavender Roll-on perfume and Lavender oil 1oz!    

No artificial anything!!

Eucalyptus sugar scrub leaves your skin silky and glowing. Gently removes dead dry skin from the surface with sugar and jojoba oil. For all skin types.Eucalyptus oil is uplifting and has been used for centuries to decongest.


$55 (value $61) Comes in a white gift box. Hand Repair Cream, Roll-on Perfume & Lavender Soy 10oz Candle (burns up to 60hrs) Free Shipping!  

$20.00 $0.00



$80 (Value $95)   Amazing moisturizers to help any skin type! Includes beautiful Lavender Butterfly 3oz soy candle (lasts 20hrs). Comes in a white gift box! Free Shipping!


$60 (Value $76) Lavender Lotion, Lavender Body Wash, Lavender Linen Mist & 3oz Lavender soy candle with butterfly!(burns up to 20hrs) Comes in a white gift box!  Free Shipping!

Great silicone free primer to help set makeup and make your makeup last longer. Seaweed collagen helps keep your skin plump and increase elasticity. We use lavender oil which is anti bacterial and helps prevent blemishes. Antioxidant vitamins nourish the skin to keep it healthy. Silicone free product which includes no Dimethicone!! Paraben free.

Aloe base with intense seaweed collagen and anti-oxidant vitamins. Helps keep makeup last and skin healthy!  


Skin soothing with jojoba oil and vitamin e. Mineral oil free and paraben free.


Pure peppermint essential oil candle for the Holidays!

Peppermint oil is known to relieve headaches and clean the air.

Scent your home naturally with a petroleum free candle. Pure cotton wick. Burns up to 60hrs! Made in California.